The Ultramax difference

Top Products

Our customers not only deserve value for their money and peace of mind, but also a guarantee to be provided with leading edge products and systems, that deliver maximum customer benefit.

Total Support

Our technical and production competencies allow us to deliver a quality suite of water, gases and air pipeline systems that are well supported by a dedicated customer service organisation.

Ultramax pipe working

Fast Reaction

Our customer response remains unmatched by any other participant in the market in terms of flexibility, speed and reliability.

Common Beliefs

Our business processes reflect customer care as central focus, allowing our employees to be efficient and to grow their competencies.

The Ultramax Advantage Our work ethics are based on a shared set of values:

  • Honesty and fairness in the way we interact.
  • Transparency of objectives.
  • Clear responsibility of duties.
  • Accountability.
  • Continuity

We appreciate challenging customer requests as a motivator to continuously improve our performance, and have everybody in our ranks contributing to the common success.

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